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Who We Are

“Make an Impact Now” is the ideal which inspired the incorporation of Delta, in late October 2019. It was the fundamental belief that technology can make all profits social and sustainable, which led a young & experienced bunch of diverse individuals from the corporate, technology and social impact sector to come together with the vision to Integrate Society into Strategy, for the social and responsible economy.

Our goal is to provide Technology enabled solutions through our platform, which are crafted in a way to provide a unified value for achieving the economic and social objective of our customers. Through our platform offerings, we want to drive efficiency & profits by keeping sustainability and impacting lives at the core.

In the end, we want to power socio-economic advances through innovative technology. We want to connect the dots between societal well-being to productivity. We want to honor profit with a purpose.

Our Team

Saurabh Gupta
Co-founder & COO
Indrajit Maitra
Mamta Gupta
Sonal Agarwal

Advisory Board

Michael Lindenmayer
K L Mukesh
Sanjeev Sahgal
Dr. Subir Basak

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