Delta VKYB

Delta Video KYB –
Redefining Authenticity & Eligibility

    The problem of Ineligible and Ghost Beneficiaries is a huge problem that needs to be solved to reduce the Trust Deficit in the Social Impact Sector.

    As per audit reports in the recent past furnished by government and consulting agencies, 25 % - 30 % of end beneficiaries have turned out to be ghost beneficiaries.

Delta Video Know Your Beneficiary (VKYB)

Delta Video KYB is a tool to provide accountability and transparency to the funding community in terms of who the actual beneficiaries are being served through various programs of Social organizations and Implementing organizations

Designed to Maximize
Accountability and Transparency

Identity Authentication
KYC Recording
Facial Recognition
Audit Trail Storage

On-board, Authenticate, Validate and Audit Trace with DELTA VIDEO KYB

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